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Team fees

Race class   Until 1/4 Until 1/5    
T.o.m 19/9 650kr 500 kr 1000 kr 500 kr 200 kr

Adventure racing class

Open class 4 people

Open class 3 people

Open class 2 people


8000 SEK

8000 SEK

6500 SEK

4500 SEK

10 000 SEK

10 000 SEK

8 000 SEK

5 500 SEK




Please pay your entry fee with debit-/creditcard at the end of the registration. 

Companies and organisations can, if needed, get a invoice for 10 days. Invoice fee of 50 SEK will be added.
Please observe that your registration are not valid until payment has been done. 

After registration, you can see your team in the list of registrated teams. 

A valid email address must be entered for all participants. The email address for participant nr 1 will be used as the unique identifier for the team, used to get your login details in case of loss. 

At registration you agree to show your team name, your names and association at our webpage on internet. You also accept our free use of pictures from the race there you can be part of it.  

Your personal code number will never bee shown public, but are mandatory to enter. We need them for insurance purposes and to deal with our ranking system. 


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OBS! E-postadressen måste vara unik för varje anmälan.




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